Sustainable Manufacturing

Words like sustainability and eco-friendly are thrown around quite liberally these days and it’s not surprising that even the companies with the worst ecological practices still boast some form of self-promotion towards environmentalism. So let us humbly announce that we are not perfect and we will always seek improvement towards reducing our carbon footprint, but here’s what we’re doing so far! 

First, we are encouraging all of our clients to follow the example of our in-house brands and use recycled eco fabric for most activewear and accessories. Next, we are committed not only to recycling but more importantly, UPCYCLING! We are repurposing our scrap fabric materials that are leftover from production and shredding them down to create stuffing for dog beds! Next, we are taking our used sublimation paper and putting it down as floor covers to give it a second life before recycling. Third, we take all the tissue paper used for sublimation printing and repurposing it as packing material for our orders! Lastly, all our lighting is energy-efficient fluorescents that are on motion sensors to reduce unnecessary consumption. We hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg for us as we continue to educate ourselves on new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Please feel free to make suggestions, we didn’t think of the tissue paper idea on our own!
Lets produce something you can feel good about!