Patterns & Layout

One of the largest hurdles in the apparel industry is getting original patterns made to fit the way you want across all sizes and having those patterns properly digitized for printing. This has often been the choke point for those getting started, but the truth is this; It’s always the hardest part of making quality clothing and you need to work with people that understand that!  

Our team has decades of experience in pattern making and knows how to avoid the pitfalls that slow or stop development far too often. Let's make something that the world has never seen before!  

So what about layouts? Well, you got some great art or designs that you want to put on your new gear, but who does that job? We do. That’s who. Our experience with layouts let us do more than just drop artwork into shapes of clothing panels and call it good. A truly great layout should consider the human form and the different weight that the art holds based on placement. This is another process that we want you to be involved in! If you have thoughts on layout placement, let us know. Either way we won't stop until it feels right! Let’s get to work. 
Start designing your original new cuts!