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Our Industry

The entire clothing industry has been dramatically shifting in the last decade and will continue to shift to online, direct to consumer retail. The reality is that this is not something that will ever slide backward and the stubborn old manufacturing sector has not adapted adequately to this trend.

Until the last decade, clothing companies have measured their success by which or how many stores they could be sold in. However, with the slow death of most brick and mortar, and along with it, wholesale, now more and more people are turning to smaller online brands when choosing new clothing. A global pandemic has only furthered this trend. 

Many people wouldn’t know it unless they’re in the clothing industry but most of the manufacturers in the United States are really not that friendly to small businesses or individuals just trying to get started. This is based on the previous observation that these manufacturers want to work with large scale businesses and often make it clear that they don’t have time for you. For generations, many of these manufacturers have been able to exclusively work with large clients producing huge batch orders. This may be sustainable for a few companies that produce for some of the big box stores that won’t be going away too fast, but it’s clear that in the years ahead these giant batches will be harder and harder to come by as more nimble online retailers continue to step in to fill the fashion needs of regular people. 

So where has this left smaller brands and startups looking to produce clothing and accessories? Well, many turn to overseas manufacturing. Usually, this results in more friendly customer service but with many language, time zone, sizing, and cultural barriers to overcome. Most likely the prices are lower for production and that seems like an obvious advantage for many clothing companies, but after long time delays and navigating the complicated world of import, they often receive a first-order that has defects or is just plain made wrong. This can crush a potential small business. 

This is where we step in. Dreamland offers to help guide people through the entire development and manufacturing process if needed and will do what usually takes months overseas in just weeks right here in California. Our focus on positive communication, guaranteed quality, full-spectrum product development, and fast turnaround time, finally gives small businesses the service they need while reducing the risk of jumping into the clothing industry.