Art & Design

Before we were called printers, before we were called sewers, and before they called us business people, we were just called artists. 

Our art team is here to help you get any concept you can think up put into a visual medium, or if you're having a hard time coming up with art ideas, we got you! 

Here’s how the process basically works. We have you fill out some information about the type of art you want us to make and get you to include examples and references. Next, we begin the concept phase and send you back three or four original sketches to review. If you’re like most folk that work with us you will probably connect with one or two of these concepts and we’ll push forward. If not, you give us your feedback and we send you back another round of concepts based on your feedback.

Once we’re ready to move forward we schedule an art screen share meeting so that you can be involved first hand on the final art creation! This is how we ensure that you feel connected to the art and land on something you can put your personal seal on. Art is not like other parts of development; you have to be connected to your custom piece and we understand that from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s make something powerful together! 
Want to make something beautiful and amazing with us?