About Us
Once upon a time, there were two festival brands that were growing up with single parents. One brand had a dad named Chris and the other had a mom named Quinn. One day the two brands were put next to each other to vend at Symbiosis 2016. After seeing how well Quinn’s child, Kritter Klips, played with Chris’s kid, Liquid Dreams, they decided to work together raising these two brands. After almost two years of working together, they decided it was time to fully merge the companies and put them under one roof. But the new company was not meant to just be a way for the brands to come together, but a beginning for developing our own sustainable manufacturing. So in 2018 Dreamland Studios was born. Our focus from the beginning was to create a place where we could do original art, patterns, cut and sew, printing, photography, fulfillment, marketing, and video. But not just for ourselves, for our friend’s brands too. 
That’s where we’re at now. We have brought together some amazing talents to offer everything needed to get from point A to point B with clothing and it’s all under one roof. 
We don’t know what brought you to this place, or if you care about making clothes or art or whatever, but we hope that you push forward with your dreams and risk failing. Life is the journey. We believe in you.