Cut & Sew

This department is basically what it sounds like. We’ll cut out and then sew together your original designs of apparel. 

Now let’s get a little more technical. What makes our cut and sew department so strong? It’s the fact that we’ve invested in the most advanced machines to ensure that we can create all the different types of seams needed for a wide variety of clothing and accessories. Many of the quality issues that people face when producing original apparel is from manufacturers using the wrong machines for the job because the right machine is expensive and complicated to master. We don’t do that! Period. 

And Cutting? Anything interesting to say about that? Hard yes! We have an advanced laser cutting system to ensure that all your garments are super consistent. Not only does this prevent the sizes from wandering off but the laser also seals the seams of your fabric to ensure longevity and less fraying. Now you know! 

Can we cut something out for you and then sew the pieces together in the shape of your dream garment? You know we can! Let’s make this happen.
Give us something to cut and then sew, and then, you know, we'll do that!